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online-types-smbThere are a lot of options out there

We have met with hundreds of small businesses over the last five years, and the common theme in every meeting has been the overwhelming number of options out there when it comes to digital advertising.  It doesn’t make it any easier to make decisions when each option has a sales person and 10 reasons why their product is going to be the next Facebook.  Our specialty is looking at what you’re currently doing, what you’ve tried in the past, and what you haven’t, then putting together the best possible plan to set-up on a path to success.  If you’re currently spending money on digital advertising, many times we are able to lower your total spend by eliminating products that don’t work or are out of date.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing services ensure that you are set-up correctly on all the major social networks including Google Maps (Google+).  Your business’s physical location is vital to your search engine rankings, and having an accurate presence on all of these networks is the first step in social media success.  We also make sure your profile pages  on each site are designed to look professional and modern.

One of the worst things you can do as a small business is pay another company to manage your day to day social media communications.  There are many media companies and agencies selling this as a service, and it is something that social media users notice and see-through.  We help train you on how to manage your social media platform and we can help determine who in your organization is best suited to manage it.  Sometimes it’s the President, sometimes it’s the administrative assistant.  Either way, don’t let the yellow pages ad rep do it!

Once you are up and running on your social networks, you have the option to run paid campaigns promoting your business within sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Outside of Search Engine Marketing, this is currently the most-popular form of online advertising for small businesses.  Once you see the results, you will know why.

digital-ad-spending-growthTraditional Online Advertising

Black Beach also specializes in more traditional online advertising categories that also continue to see massive growth thanks to the increasingly more efficient results they deliver vs. newspapers, TV, and radio.

Black Beach plans and executes the campaigns as well as handles the creation of all assets needed in the campaigns.  We can also utilize creative elements that your business has used in previous campaigns, even if they weren’t digital campaigns.

Online Display - Targeted banner ads running on local sites and ad networks.
Retargeting Campaign – Target banner ads and text ads JUST the visitors who have been to your website before.
Online Video - Get your video ads and long-format videos more exposure on sites like and local media websites.
Online Audio - Take your audio ads further on sites like Pandora and

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