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Is there a more frustrating business task these days than worrying about where your company ranks in Google search?  Most business owners I work with just wish it would go away.  To their disappointment,  the continued growth of search, especially mobile search, will only make search engine optimization more important to a business’s success.

The most frustrating part of SEO is the unbelievably high number of people out there contacting small businesses, claiming to have the next great secret to make them rank number one in all categories.  For this reason, Black Beach no longer seeks out new SEO clients on our own.  We only work with new clients who contact us, or are referred to us by our current clients.

Your business’s new front door

If you look at the top performing business in any industry, in any city, I guarantee you they are also one of the market leaders in SEO.  Search engines have eliminated a great business location as a competitive advantage, and made a great website a much more important competitive advantage.  Digital search traffic is now the equivalent, if not superior, to physical foot traffic in your business.  It’s also cheaper to attain and grow!  More traffic = more revenue.

Our approach to SEO:

  • Patience.  If you are looking to rank on page one within the first month, we are not the agency for you.  All our clients who we took to number one made it there in a minimum of three months, in some cases twelve months.  The faster you rise, the faster you’ll fall, but the steadier you rise, the longer you’ll stay at the top.
  • Legitimacy. We only use tactics within both Google and Bing’s terms of service.  This keeps your website from being at risk of getting black-listed by Google.  This is also the number one reason not to work with the SEO agencies that SPAM you via email, claiming they can take you to the top.
  • Accountability. We report results back to our clients every month.


Bottom line: WE GET RESULTS


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