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Is your website ready for the mobile revolution?


A responsive website is one that adapts to look and function correctly no matter what device or screen a user is on.  We want to make sure that a user on an iPhone is able to browse and communicate with you as easily and effectively as someone sitting on their couch with a laptop or tablet.

Try resizing the window of this browser by dragging your mouse up and down on the corner of the window.  You will see the text and images sliding around to adapt to your preference.  That’s responsive design!  Simple right?

If your business has been active on social media, than it is even more vital to have a responsive website.  Social network websites like Facebook and Twitter have even a heavier percentage of mobile users and the majority of users who come to your website from a social network will be using a smartphone or tablet.  A social media strategy without a responsive website is a strategy set-up to fail.

Whether you’re ready for it yet or not, the mobile users are coming… and they’re coming fast.  By the start of 2014, mobile web users will outnumber desktop internet users.  Businesses without mobile-friendly, responsive websites will be left behind by the businesses who embrace mobile and cater their users’ experiences to all devices.

Reasons for building a responsive website:

  1. It’s more cost effective.  You will no longer need both a traditional website and a separate mobile website.  A responsive website allows you to pay for once to receive a website, a mobile site, and a tablet site all in one.
  2. It saves time. The days of needing to update both your website and mobile website separately are over.  Updating your responsive site ensures that people on mobile devices will also immediately see the fresh content.
  3. Google likes responsive sites.  Google has come out and said responsive websites are the new best practice, and reward responsive, mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings.  This is especially true of your site’s rankings on mobile devices.
  4. It’s search engine friendly. Separate mobile and tablet sites are very detrimental to SEO for a couple of reasons.  They create ‘duplicate content’, something that search engines don’t play well with, plus all efforts for building links to your traditional site will need to be duplicated on your mobile site.
  5. Gives a competitive advantage. Responsive websites have become the industry standard, but they are still not adapted by most small businesses yet.  By being an early adapter to responsive web design, you will instantly gain a competitive advantage over 90%+ of your competitors.
  6. It’s beautifully simple.  Responsive design simply looks nice, and users appreciate it when a website adapts to their needs.

web-dev-moneyDon’t overspend on a new website

Large web-development companies and advertising agencies have big overhead costs that they pass onto you.  Don’t get sucked up in websites that cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Using a smaller company like us ensures your site will look great, work exceptionally well, and cost 50-80% less than the big guys charge.  The reason that website development is the number one growing digital expense for small businesses isn’t because businesses think it’s the most important.  It’s because many small businesses choose expensive, big firms to develop their sites, eating away at their marketing budgets.  Choosing us will allow you to save that money for more marketing or your bottom line.

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