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bing-adsgoogle-adwordsWhat is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Paid Search, is the process of marketing online advertisements to viewers who have searched for a specific topic or term, most commonly in the form of a search engine text ad.  That is SEM in its most basic form.   In the last 15 years, paid search has grown up and gone from being the teenager of advertising budgets to full-grown adult member of the advertising budget family.  Businesses of all sizes are spending millions of dollars a day on search engine marketing for one reason: BECAUSE IT WORKS.

Why SEM?

SEM is arguably the internet’s most cost-effective way to advertise, especially for generating leads and sales.  SEM is the internet’s version of direct-response advertising, and allows businesses to target just the local consumers who are actively searching for their product or service.   If you’re not a big corporation interested in branding, than SEM needs to be the first place you start when spending advertising dollars online.  Every other online advertising product (there’s lot of them) should be put on hold until you have successfully navigated the SEM space.  Don’t get caught up in the online products offered by yellow page companies and newspapers,……

Why use Black Beach for your SEM management?

  1. We are your most affordable SEM option.  Don’t pay a large ad agency to do your SEM, they will want you to pay for their overhead as well as your advertising. We only charge a small percentage of what you spend each month, giving you maximum reach into the search engine world.
  2. We only work with ONE client in each industry within each market.  You are guaranteed to never worry about your search marketing agency bidding on keywords for both you and your competitor.  This is something that the YellowPages, ReachLocal, Dex, Newspapers, and any other media company Google/Bing search campaigns cannot guarantee.  
  3. We get results.  We consistently meet or exceed client’s expectations and have an extremely low turnover on our SEM client list.
  4. We constantly improve.The amount of analytics and A/B testing that can be done with paid search campaigns allow us to continuously optimize your campaign for better results.  Every month we add new keywords to your campaign as well as remove bad ones that aren’t delivering results.


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